Success stories from members of Build Your Practice

Kelsey Galer, RMHC in Tampa, Florida

Build Your Practice gave me an abundance of knowledge and step by step guidance on how to grow my business. I am so grateful to Griffin and Winden for helping me identify what I needed to work on to establish a lucrative practice. Thank you!

Christine Jones, Pre-Licensed Counselor in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania

"Griffin Mallas and Winden Rowe have been invaluable in helping me building my counseling business.  The online tutorials and individualized support shaped my approach during this very challenging year. Using the Build My Practice strategies, I have been able to grow consistently from 2 clients to 18 clients weekly over the course of the last 6 months."

Rujuta Chincholkar-Mandelia, MEd in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Griffin and Winden are a great team. I have benefitted tremendously from their expertise and insights. The online videos have been amazing resources for building my business. The most invaluable resource has been the “progress meetings” every week, where I am able to get my questions answered and receive constructive feedback. I began building my practice in July 2020 and am at 13 clients in January 2021.

BYP has provided me with guidance, knowledge and confidence that I can grow my business. Thank you Griffin and Winden!"

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