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How these clients changed their lives in 4 months

Danielle Gordon
Danielle is a licensed therapist in California but located in Texas, who tapped into private practice years ago but it didn't work out. 5 years later she decided to try again, with the help of Build Your Practice, and it changed her life.
Kristen Czech & Colleen Valerio
Listen to how Kristen and Colleen, founders of Coeo, went from $2,000/month to $16,000/month, and from “Is this actually going to work??” to “We’re crushing it AND we’re fulfilling our mission of helping people”
Ashley Cox, M.A.
This profound and vibrant conversation between Build Your Practice co-founder Winden Rowe, LPC, and Ashley Cox, LMFT, is a MUST WATCH, especially if you're a struggling private practice owner who can't figure out what's missing to get clients coming in.
Jordan Faver, M.A., LPC, ATR
Jordan shares her journey from the poverty mindset that is so prevalent in grad school; her experience working at an agency; having to move back in with her mom with her husband and newborn baby whilst making $160/week - to building her business and hitting a projected six-figure revenue in less than six months.
Zoe Darazsdi
With the implementation of BYP's mindset work and marketing- and sales strategies, she quit the agency work and filled her business in 4-5 months. Aside from the multiplied income, she's now able to design her schedule in a way that works for her.
Jesse Hernandez, LPC
Jesse shares how giving yourself the permission to pursue your goals is the very first step toward success. He also talks about the importance of support and community, and how doing the internal work and going through an identity shift is necessary to become an effective business leader.

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