Our Story

Mission Driven

Our mission at Build Your Practice is to empower every clinician in the country to become a competent and successful business person.

We believe that private practice work is a key facet of fixing a broken healthcare system and allowing clinicians to get paid fairly for the important work they do. 

We work to achieve that mission every day by:

1) educating graduate students about the necessary steps to prepare for private practice

2) offering individualized support to clinicians as they build a practice

3) providing a blueprint by which successful clinicians can expand their practice to make a larger impact on their community

Meet the Founders

Winden Rowe, MS, LPC

Winden graduated from Thomas Jefferson University's Master of Trauma Counseling program in the spring of 2015 and immediately started a private practice with a focus on healing trauma. She has since grown a self-sustaining business that not only meets the demands of the business itself, but also of her personal financial needs, and now mentors beginning clinicians as they grow their own practices. Winden is the director of the Center for Change at Kennett Square, where she works with other local professionals to service counseling, wellness, and mediation needs of her community.  

Griffin Mallas, MS

Griffin found his first passion for soccer, graduating college at the age of 20 in order to transfer and enroll in Drexel University's Master of Science in Psychology program. He pursued research into high performance while playing for the varsity soccer team, eventually becoming captain in his final year and preparing for the move to the pros. In his classes, he found a great joy for clinical work and studied Carl Rogers.

While in graduate school, Griffin started an ecommerce business, learning advanced digital marketing and website design. He ran it until mid 2019 when he met Winden Rowe on a southwest flight and decided to focus on Build Your Practice.

After graduation in early 2020, Griffin attended a number of trials with professional soccer teams, but stopped after making the decision to commit himself full time to entrepreneurship. He now works full-time on Build Your Practice, specializing in business training, website design, and digital marketing. 

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