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Caroline A Fogal, Graduate Student in PA

"This event was packed full of practical and valuable  information that both my undergrad and grad courses neglected. I would highly recommend this event to anyone who is considering having their own practice, starting a business or a non-profit!"



Winden Rowe MS, LPC

Private Practice While Pre-Licensed

Immediately after completing her graduate program in June 2015, Winden started her private practice. When compared with the financial prospects of agency work, Winden knew that private practice was the only way she could sustainably meet the financial needs of her family.

She loved the trauma counseling program that she attended at Jefferson University, and the only problem she had with it was that private practice was never mentioned, or was training offered, even though it was a career that so many clinicians (with proper supervision) were engaging in after graduation. That's why she's decided to change the conversation.

Trial and Error to Build a Practice

Winden had to figure out private practice the hard way, learning how to run her business step-by-step by trial and error. 

After a couple months of building a caseload part-time while also teaching at Jefferson, momentum started to build and she was able to commit to her practice full-time while many in her graduate cohort were astounded. 

The truth is, this doesn't have to be an irregular occurrence, and many more clinicians can, and Winden believes should be learning about private practice and taking the first step if they desire. The country needs more empowered clinicians now more than ever. 

Directing the Center For Change

Taking every opportunity that presented itself over the past several years, Winden has continued to build until the current point where she now has a completely packed caseload, a very healthy revenue line, and serves as the director for the Center for Change in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania, where several health and wellness professionals in her community operate together. 

A Guiding Philosophy

The Center for Change at Kennet Square has one guiding philosophy: we are not competitors, but colleagues, and with every clinician and professional added, we meet more of the local unmet community demand for health services. More is better. 

This philosophy is also at the center of Build Your Practice. We strongly believe that more clinicians building successful private practices is good for clinicians and for communities. That all starts from learning what private practice actually entails and taking the first step. 

Griffin Mallas, MS

Grad School, Entrepreneurship, and Division 1 Soccer

While at Drexel University, Griffin pursued a degree in psychology while playing for the varsity soccer team. In his final year, he captained the team and completed several research studies, including his thesis, on professional soccer teams around the world. 

Griffin always had a passion for business, and when he realized his potential for entrepreneurship, Griffin started an ecommerce business part-time, selling products online and learning the secrets to running a successful business leveraging the internet. 

Clinical Work and Business

Griffin took several clinical classes during his final year of graduate school and was very surprised by the lack of business knowledge of many of the clinicians around him. 

 Forming Build Your Practice

Griffin and Winden met on Southwest Flight #1753 and decided to change the conversation in graduate school. Build Your Practice was founded on the question asked in the first meeting, "why is it that graduate students learn so many incredible skills, but don't learn how to apply them in a private practice?"

Increasingly, clinicians are choosing to explore what it means to build something of their own after graduation. Whether it's their full focus, or a side source of income to increase their hours and financial security, they should be prepared and know what it takes to succeed. 

Founded on Southwest Flight #1753

From "elbow buddies" to colleagues on a mission.

Mission Driven

Our mission at Build Your Practice is to empower every clinician in the country to become a competent and successful business person.

We believe that private practice work is a key facet of fixing a broken healthcare system and allowing clinicians to get paid fairly for the important work they do. 

We work to achieve that mission every day by:

1) educating graduate students about the necessary steps to prepare for private practice

2) offering individualized support to clinicians as they build a practice

3) providing a blueprint by which successful clinicians can expand their practice to make a larger impact on their community

Kelsey Galer, RMHC in private practice

"Build Your Practice gave me an abundance of knowledge and step by step guidance on how to grow my business. I am so grateful to Griffin and Winden for helping me identify what I needed to work on to establish a lucrative practice. Thank you!"

What Makes LYP So Incredible?

This brand new, "first of its kind" Launching Your Practice Live Experience will help you explore first-hand what it means to be a private practice clinician. 

In one in-depth session, you'll discover everything you need to know to engage in private practice, and your ultimate potential to do it like a true professional.

You will explore case studies and common situations that you will face if and when you begin in private practice. 

You will learn the essentials of marketing, finance, and business operations, all essential building blocks to creating your ideal practice.

This training is hosted on our interactive online platform, meaning you can get your questions answered in real time.

To make this training as effective as possible, after the event you will have continued access to our team through the group calls, and you will get our comprehensive program, Clinical Business Foundations, so that you can learn on your own time.  

What You Get With LYP

Business Fundamentals

  • The essentials of how business operates in the real world.
  • Revenue, Expenses, and the Key numbers to keep an eye on in your practice.
  • The Health of a Business, and how your key numbers help you understand how well your business is doing
  • Where to start, and what the process of building a practice really looks like (based on several case studies)
  • Exercises to help you run through likely business situations.


How to Market Yourself

  • How to Market Your Practice like an expert, so you can work with the clientele you are best suited for.
  • The biggest mistakes most therapists make when it comes to marketing
  • Creativity in your marketing - coming across as unique.
  • Essential strategies for getting your practice off the ground in the beginning.
  • A proven process for finding where your marketing strengths lie.


Winden's Case Study

Winden's Step-by-Step case study of how she did it.

  • The initial checklist for getting started in private practice safely.
  • Steps you can take while in graduate school
  • How Winden got her first client.
  • Winden's strategies and mindset that helped her continue to build when it got tough.
  • Her secret process for growing a practice quickly.


Practical advice for making it work

  • How to make private practice work in the broader scheme of your life.
  • Self-care and time management while in private practice.
  • Building a practice full-time vs building it part time
  • Supervision, licensure status, making it work while pre-licensed.
  • Financial requirements of private practice, how to maintain security while building a business.


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Free Q + A calls every two weeks, so you always have a resource for private practice. 


  • Graduate Students - We strongly believe this is training that every graduate student in a clinical program should have access to. It's why we are offering it at its lowest ever price. We want this to be available to the largest number of clinicians possible.
  • Practicing CliniciansThe vast majority of practicing clinicians have not received any form of business training, and would also find incredible value from this training. 
  • Clinicians in the first stages of Private Practice - This training was created to prepare anyone for the initial stages of private practice, and to help them think intelligently about their business strategy. For clinicians in private practice that need guidance, this is an effective training. 

Here's everything you get:

  • 3.5 Hour LIVE Immersive Training
  • Winden's Full Case Study
  • Recordings of all live sessions
  • Private community of other clinicians.
  • Lifetime access to free trainings and events in the future.


If you sign up Launching Your Practice today, and for any reason you can't make it to the live training, you have the opportunity to transfer your seat to someone else free of charge. You will still receive Clinical Business Foundations and get access to the private community and future live events. 

To transfer your seat, simply contact us at [email protected] and tell us to whom you would like to transfer. 


December 19th from 1:00 - 4:30PM EST.

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